Asst. Prof. Mutaz Sabah Ahmeid

DR. Mutaz CV

Date of Birth 27-01-1975
Name : Mutaz Sabah Ahmeid 
Scientific Degree : Assistant prof. 
Affiliation  : Clinical Biochemistry,  College of Medicine- Tikrit University 
Mobile:   009647703767320 
E. mail : 
Position:  Editor In Chief Of The Medical Journal of Tikrit UNiversity
Member in Medical Iraqi association (29260) since 9/2/2001

Specialty College University Date of Graduate  Degree 
M.B.Ch.B Medical College Baghdad University 2000 General Practitioner
Medical Biochemistry Medical College Tikrit University 2006 Master
Clinical Biochemistry Medical College Baghdad University 2011 Ph.D
  •  Research & scientific activity
– Relation of visfatin and polycystic ovarian syndrome in women (2018)- Kufasci.
 – Malondialdehyde(MDA) level correlation with lipid profile in patients subjected to open heart surgery. (2018) MMJ
– Estimation the level of ANP in women with PCOS pre and post metformin treatment. (2018)  Kufasci.
– Estimation the level of Copeptin in women with PCOS pre and post metformin treatment. (2018) .
– Biochemical & Cellular archive.                                                                                             (Scopus)
– Evaluation of serum leptin and ferritin levels in children with major Beta-thalassemia. (2018) – JKMC.
The role of SOD and CAT in compensating free radicals patients subjected to open heart surgery. (2018)

– Indian journal of Public health research & Development.                                           (Scopus)

– Carbapenemase producing enzyme bacteria in urinary tract infection pateints and their impact on creatinine clearance factor.(2018)

 – Biochemical & Cellular archive.                                                                                               (Scopus)

– Prevelance of carbapenemase producing gram negative bacteria in renal failure urinary tract infection pateints in tikrit city – Iraq. (2018). Kufa sci.
– Study the role of anti-Mullerian hormone in polycystic ovarian syndrome and its correlation with thyroid disorder . (2018)

 – Journal of global pharma technology.                                                                             (Scopus)


-Evaluation of lipid profile for psoriatic patients treated by cyclosporine and biological treatment (2017) TMJ .
-Evaluation the Effect of Metformin on hormones serum levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. (2015)
– The level of 17-beta estradiol in follicular fluid for patients undergoes IVF as a correlation with pregnancy rate (2015). International journal of dental and medical science.
-Evaluation of lipid profile in psoriatic patients treated by Methotrexate and Retinoid. (2017) TJPS.
Impact of obesity on some reproductive hormones 9in infertile male.(2017) Iraqi journal of embryo and infertile research.
-Evaluation of estradiol in serum for patients undergoes IVF as a correlation with pregnancy rate. (2017) Iraqi journal of embryo and infertile research.
-Correlation between follicular fluid leptin and the pregnancy rate in women undergo ICSI. 2017 , TMJ.
-Association of thyroid parameters with the polycystic ovarian syndrome. 2017. TMJ.
-Evaluation The Effect of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor on Lipid Profile And Renal Function In Hypercholestrolemic Renal Transplant patients. M.Sc. 2006
-Biochemical Study of Some Elements and Sex Hormones in Asthenozoospermic Infertile Patients; A Follow up Treatment Study. Ph.D.2011.
 – Evaluation the Effect of Metformin treatment on homocystein, lipid profile , and C-reactive protein as atherosclerotic marker in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. 2017 . Journal of biochemistry & analytic Biochemistry.

Scientific conferences

Date Country Conference No
2010 Jordan 3rd congress of Jordanian society of endocrinology, diabetes, and Metabolism. 1
2010 Jordan 2nd joint congress of Jordanian and American of endocrinology, and diabetes. 2
2010 Jordan 9th congress of Arab society of endocrinology, and diabetes. 3
2010 Lebanon Annual meeting of Lebanese orthopedic Association 4
2011 Lebanon 4th middle east cardiopace 5
2011 Turkey The 7th Annual meeting of European section of cervical spine research society 6
2011 Lebanon International annual congress of Lebanese society of obstetrics & gynecology 7
2013 Dubai Principle of 4th pain and CNS academy 8
2013 Dubai OBS-GYN Conference – Cleveland Clinic 9
2013 Spain 10th international Iraqi medical association congress 10
2017 Dubai 2nd international conference of Biochemistry
2017 Iraq MOH in Salahaldeen (Speaker) 10th medical conference in salahaldeen
Iraqi MOH in salahaldeen

 Supervised more than 10 students in master degree.
 Discuss more than 10 theses in degree of higher diploma.
 Assess many researches in different Iraqi journal.
 Received (10 ) thanks letter from minster of higher education in Iraq and from dean of medical college and university.